Whats The Best SEO Tactic to Avoid Penalties

If you’re a website owner that’s interested in improving your search engine optimization, you may be wondering what the very best tactic is to use on your website.

We’re here to answer that question for you.

Good Vs. Bad SEO

SEO is a very delicate process if you’re trying to game the system. Which is exactly why we don’t recommend using any tactics that try to game the system.

Why? Because when you go against Google’s terms of service they can basically penalize your website so it never shows up in search results pages.

And if that happens, you’re pretty much dead in the water when it comes to organic search traffic.

If you’re not interested in doing your own SEO, outsourcing to a professional company like we did can be the best bet for you. Visit the website of the agency we could recommend for you if you’re looking for someone else to do it.

The Good

So what’s the best SEO tactic for 2018 to avoid penalties?

One word – outreach.

What’s outreach you ask? It’s basically reaching out to other website owners and providing them with so much value that they can’t help but link back to your website.

Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG.

Outreach is a very expensive and time-consuming process that can take months of work to bear fruit. But in reality, that’s how SEO is in general.

But if you do it right, it can provide so many lasting benefits. Not only will it give you a link, but it can also provide referral traffic if done right.

And that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Driving Traffic?

How to Do It Right

If you’re interested in taking your SEO to the next level and doing some outreach yourself here’s a quick list of things to do:

  • Write a really great piece of valuable, informative content
  • Find a list of website that have written about that topic before
  • Reach out to them via email and let them know you’ve got a great article they’re readers may enjoy
  • Follow up with them once or twice

That’s pretty much it. If you do it enough, you’ll succeed. Just don’t get disconcerted if you don’t gain a lot of traction.

People (especially webmasters) get emailed dozens of times a day. So just be patient and make your work consistent.

Also, don’t be spammy or annoying. There’s no better way to FAIL at outreach by spamming or being annoying. Make your emails personal.

Brian Dean of backlinko has a great guide on outreach. If you’re interested. Also check out the great video on outreach below: