Tips for Small Business Marketing Website Design

Getting people to be aware of what your company has to offer is the primary purpose of having a website. It is a platform for you to grow your business by providing information needed by your customers; information that in turn increase the number of your customer base and consequently expanding your enterprise. There, however, are some pitfalls when designing websites meant to market the small business you must avoid as we’ll examine now.

Wanting to start operation soon at the expense of studying and comprehending your target market. Your website should be designed in accordance with what pleases and attracts your potential customers. If your target customers are young and hip for instance, your website should be designed such that it possesses a level of creativity and simplicity at the same time. If the target market is older, your text should be large enough to see without squinting. The result gotten from a thorough research of your target market should be the influence for your website design.

Include directional instructions that tell them what to do. Every visitor to your website is there for a pre-determined reason. They don’t want to get there and be confused on how to go about what they intend to do. Jolt them to action with words and directional instructions. If you’re marketing to your product, make it easy to find the option to purchase a product. Necessary information such as business location, contact information, menus, hours of operation and resources should be clearly featured to help customers find what they need.

Don’t go flashy. A website that is too busy flaunting colors doesn’t guarantee more customers, in fact, it does the opposite. They get confused and end up leaving without doing what they came there for. Marketing your website is what generates traffic for you, not flashiness. Make it simple and elegant at the same time. To get the best small business website design, do away with the excessive coloration. Moreover, flashy websites appear very bad on mobile devices and tablets.

Always update your website. The purpose of putting up one is to increase your customer base. When they visit the website, they want to see the latest happenings in your vocation. Latest information about your Company size, services and products should be regularly updated. They assume you’re no longer in operation if this information is missing.

Add testimonials and reviews to your website. Some of your customers definitely have some good things to say about your services and how they’ve been satisfied with your products or services. Put them up on the website for the new customers to see and know what to expect. Honest reviews should be encouraged on the website, the feedback you get really helps your business. Even the negative ones tell other customers you’re open to suggestions that help them satisfy them more provided you act on them.

Consider your capital. Having a website for your enterprise shouldn’t eat too deep into your capital. Research reputable website designers that offer reasonable prices for quality, simple and elegant websites. Don’t patronize companies that deal with way bigger corporations than yours, they may not consider your organization’s size. There are not so big ones that will give you the best small business website design.


In addition, if your social media accounts have small followings, don’t add their links on your website, it makes people think your business is too small.