Songwriting Lessons – How to Train Your Ear to Write Good Songs

Songwriting is not an easy task. Sure there are a lot of songwriting classes one could take and even songwriting lessons that help train your ear and mind. But it takes a masterful appreciation of the art and science of writing a good song. Most people think that all you have to do is rhyme a couple words together and voila! A brand new spanking hot hit song, right? WRONG!

Writing a good song has so many nuances that it’s hard to really describe. There are so many different aspects to effective songwriting that it would take us an entire book – let alone a single blog post – to truly get into it.

That’s why there are always so many books on songwriting coming out all the time. It’s because no one really knows what that magic is that makes a hit song a smashing success. Why is it that certain songs connect with listeners and resonate with fans more than others?

Many people have tried to find an answer to this question, but few have ever said they know it for sure. In fact, if anyone tells you they know FOR SURE the secret to successful songs then run far away. Sure a lot of people speculate about what goes into a hit song, but that’s all it is – speculation.

And you’d be wise to remember that when you’re on the search for songwriting lessons. You don’t want to be tricked into picking up some songwriting lesson that is less than superior. But there is an option that’s absolutely amazing and we’ve found it for you. It’s called Ear Training Software. The best ear training software has been reviewed by several sites, but they all say it’s great for learning how to create amazing music.

The best online songwriting lessons are those by Superior Song Writing. This course is chock full of great tips, exercises and techniques to help you master the art of songwriting. Of course, you have to remember, a single course won’t make you a master right away. But it will start you on your journey or improve where you’re at right now, which can be leaps and bounds ahead of your current skill set.

Try out the techniques that you learn in the various online songwriting lessons you find. Also really consider getting some ear training software because that is what’s going to help you recreate hit songs that you love. And if you can recreate that then you’ll be able to emulate and replicate the best stuff in the market.

If you’re not sure where to start when finding classes for songwriting success then check out the links we shared in this article. There are a lot of resources online but you have to keep learning because there’s just so much to know. Writing hit songs is really a life long journey. You have to keep writing all the time to make sure you pump out one or two hits out of the hundreds of duds.

For a great primer on songwriting lessons online and software for ear training you can also do some quick searches on the internet. There will be a wide variety of pages that just pop with amazing info that could be very helpful to a budding musician or songwriter like yourself! Enjoy your journey!