Here’s a Great Date Idea for Gardening Lovers at the Beach

Beach Date

Beach DateIf you’re looking for a great date night with your significant other we’ve got an amazing idea for you – beach-side gardening! Of course this only makes sense if both of you love gardening. It would be kind of awkward if you were the only one having a good time, while your partner was bored out of their mind.

But, if you do both share a love of planting and growing things, then this idea is for you!

Beach Gardening Dates!

So what is a beach gardening date? Simply put you garden on a beach!

Now it will take some planning and quite a bit of supplies, but it’s a very romantic idea.

Here’s a few things you’ll need to get this thing started:

  1. A Beach
  2. A Beach Tent
  3. Candles + a Lighter
  4. Portable Gardening Kit
  5. Easy Grow Seeds
  6. Planting Materials
  7. Wine + Glasses

How to Set Up the Beach Gardening Date

Mini Gardening KitSo basically what you want to do is plan a date near the evening when there won’t be a ton of people at the beach in question.

Buy a beach tent (if you’re not sure which tent you get check out and the rest of the supplies and hide them in your car.

Now here’s the tricky part – if you can, get your date to meet you at the beach. This won’t be possible for all, but the element of surprise is definitely a bonus in this situation.

If you can’t, just head on over to the beach with your partner. Set up your tent and all the supplies – topsoil, seeds, mini potters, etc. Light a few candles (you’re doing this close to evening time, right?) and enjoy a wonderful time doing what you love while the waves crash in the background.

Pour a couple glasses of wine and just have fun!  And here’s a bonus idea – don’t take the pots you plant home with you. Leave them somewhere out of the way at the beach. Then head back in a few weeks to see if they’ve grown into anything!

Some Things to Watch Out For

This may not be allowed in all areas or on all beaches, so you’ll want to double check with your local beach authorities first.

And if you’re not sure what to grow check out these ideas.

Also, it may get kind of cold in the evening, so bring a portable electric (battery-operated) heater. If you’re able to start a bonfire on the beach (check with authorities!) then that’s even more romantic.

Try out this date idea with a gardening lover and you’ll both have the best time ever!